Your soul is craving rest, yet you feel trapped within the chaos of life.

Why settle for the hamster wheel?

Decide TODAY that your REST (and your family's) is just as important as your production.

Is your life too busy?

Need rejuvenation and not sure how to get it?

Download this FREE guide of 101 unique ideas to create the perfect 24-hour day of rest for you and your family!

This FREE guide will support you to:

  • Slow down enough to enjoy your life
  • Get the rejuvenation that God created you for
  • Create special memories with your family that your kids will thank you for

We are the Cornish Clan.

We used to live a crazy, busy, go-go-go life.

We couldn't seem to get off the hamster wheel of endless to-do lists and responsibilities--until we started taking an intentional 24 hour day of rest every week. Nonnegotiable.

Now, we enter into our week fully renewed, refreshed, and rooted through anything that comes our way. And we want to support others in doing the same.

So we've created this FREE resource of our favorite 101 rest day ideas for those that deeply desire to get off the hamster wheel too and get the rejuvenation they have always wanted.

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